Capturing “Limitless” by Jim Kwik

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In the introduction, Jim captures why he wrote this book. Jim didn’t have an ideal past as a child and by normal conventions, Jim was considered a below-average person.

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  1. Digital Distraction: Because of our devices, we are always-on. It is hard to spend an hour without looking for new notifications.
  2. Digital Dementia: Too much reliance on technology has impacted our cognitive abilities like remembering a close friend’s phone number, navigating to a place, and even building up long term memories.

Techniques / Facts

  1. Pomodoro technique: This technique is based on the fact that our natural ability to concentrate fully is limited between 10 to 40 minutes. Pomodoro technique suggests you should do a task in 25-minute chunks followed by a 5 min break.
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  1. Expand your peripheral vision — Try to read more than one word at a time.



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